Top Ten Reasons to Buy Garlic Bulbs from an Artisan Grower

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Why should you buy garlic bulbs from an artisan grower?  Here are ten great reasons to buy your garlic from a small farmer.


1. Handcrafted garlic is eco-friendly. Work done by hand on the farm takes less energy than mass produced garlic crops, which makes it more environmentally sustainable.


2. Handcrafted garlic ensures that small farmers and their employees can keep their jobs. The numbers of small American farmers are dwindling and big farms are gobbling up more and more land.


3. Handcrafted garlic is simply better. It’s better for eating and for growing. Yes, it costs more than commercial garlic, but the value is greater. You are getting a lot more “bang for the buck.” Handcrafted garlic is a good product for a fair price. Remember, despite attractively low prices offered on a day-to-day basis by commercial garlic farmers, these big agribusinesses ultimately drive prices up as they control more and more of the market.


4. Handcrafted garlic supports communities. Locally owned businesses in turn support other locally owned businesses. You aren’t sending your money to the corporate headquarters to buy fuel for some CEO’s private jet.


5. When you purchase handcrafted garlic, you can customize your order, ensuring that you receive exactly what you want. Often artisan garlic growers are willing to tweak aspects of their products to fit your specific needs. Try that when purchasing garlic from a big box store.


6. Knowing that the garlic you’ve purchased is authentic, artisan grown and hand crafted contributes to a fuller, better experience. Beyond superior extrinsic properties such as better flavor or fresher bulbs, hand crafted garlic offers certain intrinsic qualities that can’t be matched by commercially grown bulbs.


7. Hand crafted garlic is American-made, grown in all areas—cool climates, warm climates, wet and dry conditions—across the U.S. Commercial garlic is frequently imported, most often from China. Importing products presents a whole set of problems—ranging from sweatshop working conditions abroad to the proliferation of poor quality products at home.


8. Hand crafted garlic is easier to purchase than ever before. The Internet is filled with artisan garlic growers offering dozens of different varieties, all within a few clicks of the mouse. Buying handcrafted garlic online gives you access to the skills of artisan growers around the country. Most are happy to offer helpful tips to novice growers too!


9. Hand crafted garlic bulbs are unique. Each grower’s soil, climate, and technique vary, often honed after years of trial and error, to produce a product that is truly one of a kind. Commercially grown garlic is too often generic in appearance and taste.


10. When you purchase handcrafted garlic from an artisan grower you are supporting a tradition of skilled work. By planting artisan garlic you can continue the legacy of heirloom varieties and join a community of garlic aficionados!

What are your reasons for buying garlic from an artisan grower?


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