How Natural Jack Burns Holes in the Ground Cover Before Planting Garlic Bulbs

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Here in the Catskills we begin planting garlic bulbs around Columbus Day.  You can see how we get started.

Below begins a series of “how to” videos.  I’ve had requests to share my methods.  Here’s a start:

Burning Holes in Ground Cover, Part 1: Measuring the Space Between Plants



Burning Holes in Ground Cover, Part 2: Forming and Enlarging the Holes for Planting



Burning Holes in Ground Cover, Part 3: Adding Another Row



The purpose for the ground cover is to both deter weeds and maintain moisture.  The other advantage is that you can lay out your garden plan ahead of planting and easily control plant spacing.

I plan to post more videos with the next steps when I can find the time.  We are really busy packing and shipping garlic.  If you haven’t ordered yet and want to, do so soon because it won’t be long before we are sold out this year.

If you have any questions about my technique, leave a comment below or email me directly.  I’ll respond as soon as I can.